Home entertainment without the subscription fees

family watching television

family watching televisionA new battle of the broadcasters is emerging and may be of particular interest to families looking for a quick and easy fix for home entertainment, without breaking the bank.

A new online TV service has been announced by BSkyB, which gives you the opportunity to pay for content such as films and sport as and when you like - rather than shelling out for hefty annual subscription fees.

The announcement marks the beginning of Sky's fight against two latest competitors - Netflix and YouView.

Its new service will be launched over the first six months of the year, and has 13 million families who are currently not pay-TV subscribers in its sights.

It all means that those of us who do not wish to enter into a costly contract with a broadcaster can pay for content as and when we please - keeping both ourselves and the little ones happy!

Initially, customers who do not have a current contract or a satellite dish will be able to download movies via the internet, and this will then expand to include sport and other entertainment downloads.

Sky's content can be watched for a fee on devices which connect to the internet, such as smartphones, laptops, TVs, games consoles and PCs, the broadcaster said.

Users will be afforded flexible tariffs, via a set top box, and crucially - without signing a contract.

YouView, which was launched in the summer and involves ITV, BT, the BBC and a set-top box connected to the internet, is one of Sky's competitors.

And Netflix has recently expanded into the UK market, allowing users to download films for a fee.

Lovefilm's download and rental service also poses a threat to Sky, and further options for families.

Head of equities at Hargreaves Lansdown Stockbrokers, Richard Hunter, said: "Amidst all the Netflix noise comes a reminder that Sky is not about to give up its crown lightly.

"The launch of its online offering further complements its existing technical reach alongside the potential for new customers."