Home insurance has never been so important

house locked

house lockedAs mums and dads put the finishing touches to their Christmas shopping, sadly a more sinister side to Christmas needs to be addressed - as a house stuffed with gifts can provide an extra incentive to burglars.

It is most certainly a time to ask yourselves, is your home fully protected against thieves?

The festive season can traditionally be a peak time for burglaries as criminals look out for valuable items such as new gadgets, clothing, furniture and jewellery. The post-Christmas period is usually the worst, with break-ins reportedly rising 11% above the annual national average in January, and family homes targeted above all others.

Taking easy steps such as locking windows and doors and installing a burglar alarm can go a long way towards protecting your home. But it can also help to know that if any of your property is stolen, you can save time and money on an insurance claim.

A new tool has been developed to record and value household assets, to ensure every item in the home is covered.

Readyclaim allows families to take pictures of their valuable items, plus relevant documents such as invoices or receipts. These are then attached to the asset icon which can be uploaded to Readyclaim's secure server.

By providing a catalogue of belongings, the system aims to combat claims disputes by ensuring that everyone insures the true, real-time value of their home.

Readyclaim founder Tim Roots said: "We have developed a useful tool for homeowners throughout the year but Christmas is a time when most homes are full of expensive items such as new PS3s, the latest iPhones and iPads and Plasma TVs.

"In the unfortunate event of a burglary, not being able to prove the value of your contents or being under-insured can cause serious problems if you have to make an insurance claim, as your insurance company may not pay out the full cost to replace lost or damaged items."