How ‘extreme couponing’ can save you money on food!


couponsMost of us have used a supermarket coupon to save some money on groceries or household items.

But it seems more and more families are turning coupon-clipping into a downright sport and are adopting a new American trend for "extreme couponing".

The craze developed last year, and some American shoppers are now spending up to 40 hours per week researching the best deals on the internet. And the hard work pays off - some families manage to save up to 90% on their shopping!

Now mums and dads in the UK are taking out their scissors too, with some of them even attending couponing workshops in the US - such as Debbie O'Connor from Staines.

"I've cut my grocery bill by 35 per cent," the mother-of-two told The Sunday Times.

"Some of the techniques used in America are not transferable, but many are and it's only a matter of time before it spreads."

Her top tips for aspiring extreme couponers include setting up a filing system to organise coupons by their expiry date, and using other people's loyalty points.

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