How to make a new year about a new you

new year's resolution

new year's resolutionDo your New Year's resolutions struggle to get off the launchpad before you've even taken down the Christmas tree?

We've all been guilty of setting ourselves too many ambitious targets around this time of year and then watching them fall predictably by the wayside. And for us with little ones, it's quite enough effort keeping them in check let alone finding the time to drastically improve our lifestyle.

Susie Pearl, author of Instructions For Happiness and Success, believes she has the answer to break this all-too-familiar cycle.

She says that we should all save time in the long run by picking just one resolution or challenge and sticking to it, rather than drawing up a long list of changes that normally just ends up in the bin.

Ms Pearl says it should be something we've always wanted to do and that puts us out of our comfort zone.

It could be anything from learning how to play the guitar, to taking up a new sport or simply learning how to cartwheel for the first time!

Like all resolution plans, it sounds simple enough, but the trick is sticking to it. The author believes she also has the essential ingredients required for this too.

"Write it down and put the note where you can't avoid seeing it - in your wallet, on the bathroom mirror, on the bedside lamp," she said.

"Get a mission buddy who takes on their own challenge, so you can motivate one another throughout the year."

If no-one wants to help you out - or you're too embarrassed to reveal your ambition - then visuals can also be vitally important, Ms Pearl explained.

"Put pictures up for what you want to achieve or of someone who has inspired you to take on the challenge. Visuals are essential to keep motivated and committed," she said.