Istanbul named best value city break


IstanbulIt's that time of year when escaping seems like an especially good idea - the temperatures are plummeting and the nights are drawing in, but the cost of jetting off on holiday seems unaffordable to many.

But why not make the most of a long weekend? City breaks give you and the kids a well-deserved rest in the space of just a few days. You can take less, or no, time off work and the kids won't miss much or any of school either.

M&S has looked into the best value weekend getaways, and found Istanbul in Turkey tops the list.

The average cost of a trip there - including flights, a hotel, activities and eating out - comes to £684 per person. This is significantly cheaper than last year, when it would have cost you £746. Most holiday destinations cost more to get to this year than last, but Istanbul represents the most inflation-busting trip on offer.

The ancient city boasts first class shopping bazaars, great weather and stunning architecture, making it a perfect getaway for both you and the kids. You could even pick up some unique - and cheap - Christmas presents for the family.

And if time constraints are holding you back, you'll be pleased to hear it takes just six hours to travel there - and that includes time to check in at the airport! So you could jet off on the Friday after school and enjoy a long weekend,spending quality time together as a family. Plus, you'll come back rested and refreshed, and ready for the long winter ahead.

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