Kids and mums-to-be going hungry


The tough financial climate has hit many aspects of our lives, with a number of UK families forced to reduce their food budgets.

But for some parents, the strain is forcing them to go without any food at all.

Children and pregnant women across London and Birmingham are going hungry, sometimes enduring an entire week without a meal, according to family support services in the regions.

The Birmingham Mail reports that Gateway Family Services, based in Edgbaston, has had to set up a food bank for pregnant women because so many mums-to-be have been going hungry.

Gateway's team revealed to the newspaper that some pregnant women were going a week without food because they were unable to find work or access important financial benefits.

Pregnant women have been flocking to the Birmingham food bank, Gateway says, to the extent it has become an essential service.

Meanwhile, London charity the Kids Company recently said that every week 2,000 children would go without their main meal of the day if it wasn't for the services it provides. And this number is increasing, the charity warns.

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