Kids fly free on 2013 holiday deals!

kids fly free 2013

kids fly free 2013It's getting to the time of the year when many of us are going on family breaks, but if you want to get in early for 2013  cheap holiday deals and save some cash at the same time then read on.

Jet2holidays has announced that for next summer's programme it intends to focus upon the family - offering a raft of special offers to those of us who travel with kids in tow.

What's on offer?

Among the things it hopes to lure us with are free child and infant places, as well as offering destinations which are noted for being good family-friendly options.

The summer 2013 brochure will include a further 86 properties, and many of these have been selected specifically to make holidaying with the kids more entertaining and less stressful.

If you have little ones under the age of two you can rest assured they will travel for free under the new plans. But what about when the kids get older? Well, Jet2 hopes to lighten the burden on family travel by offering one free child place up to the age of 12 when mum and dad pay in full.

Bringing up kids alone can be tough, but a holiday can make a real difference. To this end, single parents don't lose out either, with plans to also offer them discounts on their holidays.

Holiday baggage

Packing for a holiday can be an arduous task, and it can be difficult to believe a family of four can need so many towels, clothes and other essentials. With baggage allowances easily breached, even luggage can end up eating into your holiday budget.

Jet2 has acknowledged this and upped its allowance to 22kg, meaning you won't have to fret so hard about which pair of sandals to leave behind!

The firm has also announced plans to offer deposits as low as £60 per person to attract early bookers.

Alan Cross, Jet2holidays general manager of trade sales, said: "As a company the family market is one that we are focused on for the future.

"We believe there is a lot more potential for us to grow with IT development, and being able to offer free child places we are in a much better place to compete.

"We've made sure we have the right properties in the right resorts. It's about getting ones that suit the UK marketplace, expanding the number of properties and ensuring it's good value for money."

Other cheap holiday tips

Parents will be encouraged by the news that Jet2 is focussing on families in the future, but with many of us banking on a late deal for this summer there's still time to save on 2012 holidays.

And if you're planning a last-minute holiday abroad one of the first things you should do at the travel agents is haggle.

With many people forfeiting holidays because of money worries, and others having to cancel pre-booked trips when having difficulties with payments, there are deals to be done - so bear this in mind when you sit down to book.

Another key aspect of saving while overseas with the kids is timing. By booking your holiday when exchange rates are good you can drastically reduce the amount of cash needed for holiday spends. Recent research shows that many currencies are weaker than the pound at present, so why not discover where the best deals can be had.