Kids worried about money too!

Girls worried about paying for uni

Girls worried about paying for uniIf you assume money is something only us mums and dads worry about then you might want to think again, as a new survey has found young girls are more concerned about it than ever.

A survey for Girlguiding UK revealed that 69% of girls and young women aged 11 to 21 feel money is the main cause of stress in their lives. Whether it's money needed to study or just to play with, finances seem to be a real source of concern.

Like parents across Britain who are tightening their purse strings, young girls feel more cash-strapped than last year, when only 48% said money was their biggest worry.

Scared of what the recession will mean for your career? Well it seems daughters feel the same - more than half are concerned about finding work when they finish studying.

The soaring cost of being a student hasn't passed by young girls either - more than two in 10 said they planned to quit education when they turn 18 because they cannot afford to study.

And you may doubt your daughter is thinking far ahead to children, but apparently they are - 69% said they would consider putting off having kids to allow them to chase their dream career. Almost all the girls surveyed thought having children would impact on their career.

But parents will be relieved to know that despite money causing a headache for girls, 89% said they were happy most of the time, and 35% even said they were very happy.