Low-cost airline for long-haul travellers

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low-cost airlinesFlying long-haul with the family in tow can be an ordeal, but researchers claim most people value saving money over luxury and comfort when it comes to such epic flights.

A survey of more than 1,800 travellers by Skyscanner found that nearly three in four of us would be happy to forgo the little luxuries which come with premium airlines to save cash with a budget carrier.

Nearly half of those polled said they'd be happy to give up extra legroom if they were able to spend less on flights of up to nine hours.

Around a third of savvy travellers made their priorities clear when they revealed they would spend as long as 10 hours on board a budget flight.

However, for many of us there is a line when it comes to the comfort-cost argument. A fifth of people said they'd only be able to handle six hours with the provisions of a low-cost airline.

So which features do we value the most when it comes to long-haul travel? Is it cuisine, staff service, maybe even the luxuries afforded by using a family-friendly airport? Well, the survey actually showed legroom is the main factor, with in-flight entertainment and food coming in just behind.

Skyscanner travel editor Sam Baldwin said: "The results of this survey show there is a definite demand for low cost airlines to operate long haul routes - it appears people are more than happy to surrender some level of comfort in order to satisfy their taste for travel, as long as the price is right."