Make your views on childcare heard


As a working parent, you may get frustrated with how expensive and inaccessible childcare often is, and not getting your views on childcare heard.

When you need a couple of hours of childcare after school so you can stay a bit longer at work to get things finished, ringing round to find someone may feel like more trouble than it's actually worth.

Childcare can be a huge drain on your budget, and organising it may make your stress levels hit the roof.

But now is your chance to make your concerns and ideas heard on how childcare can be improved, thanks to a new childcare commission.

How can burdens be reduced?

Parents, early years professionals, and others with an interest, have been invited to give evidence and ideas on how childcare can be made more affordable, and how unnecessary burdens can be reduced.

Ministers Maria Miller and Sarah Teather will lead the commission, which was announced by Prime Minister David Cameron in June.

The Government says it acknowledges that wrap-around care can be a big issue for working mums and dads.

The new commission hopes to find ideas about how it can make improvements to the availability of care provisions both before and after school time and during school holidays.

It is looking at methods to encourage the provision of childcare out-of-hours, so parents can find care for their child when it is needed.

Safety and quality won't be jeopardised

Redundant regulation that does not jeopardise safety or quality will be identified by the commission, and it will look at how childcare can help to get parents out of poverty and into work.

PM David Cameron said: "I know hard-working families are struggling with the costs of childcare at the moment and we are determined to do more to help; that is why we launched the affordable childcare commission.

"Today the commission is asking for views from the public, and I urge the everyday experts - the parents, childminders and nursery owners - to get in touch with ideas for how we can make the system better and more affordable."

Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister, said: "For many parents, getting access to good quality, affordable childcare is a real concern. We want to hear from parents and childcare providers, to get their views on how we can continue to provide first-class care without breaking the bank or being too complicated."

Details of how to submit your views on childcare can be found here.