Many parents ‘working longer hours’

Working long hours

Working long hoursMany of us are willing to go the extra mile for our employer to ensure we do a good job and maintain pride in our work.

However, it seems a sizeable number of people also feel they need to put in longer hours as a result of fears about their jobs.

Research from recruitment company Hyphen shows that a fifth of us are now working for longer periods than we were before the recession struck - making it increasingly hard to get that all-important work-life balance right.

The majority of those surveyed by the firm also revealed that they feel their manager takes their efforts for granted.

Zain Wadee, managing director at Hyphen, said: "Employers need to focus on employee engagement to ensure they keep their best people or those staff who feel undervalued will consider moving job."

In our frantic working world, it's becoming increasingly hard to balance our work and family commitments.

With this in mind, it might be worth checking out these tips to help budget your time more effectively.