Miliband stands up for ‘ripped off’ families

uk money map

uk money mapAdded fees and hidden charges continue to frustrate parents up and down the land.

But at least now Labour leader Ed Miliband has taken a stand, calling on the Government to clamp down on the country's "rip-off culture".

Savings, banking and holidays are among the areas where Mr Miliband feels action should be taken by UK ministers.

In remarks made to the Daily Telegraph, the politician said that in a bid to cap fees on things like pensions, car parking and airline costs, the Prime Minister should consider the creation of a new consumer watchdog.

Mr Miliband stated: "In every area, you have to call time on the surcharge culture. Making a fair profit is important but it can't be done in an underhand and predatory way.

"This is about power in relation to private services and how government can be on the consumer's side. Lots of businesses recognise this."

He added: "People's living standards are squeezed as never before, and we have to do everything we can to relieve that burden."

Other areas being targeted by Labour for immediate action include car parking charges, airline levies, and consumer helplines.