Millions waste money on energy bills while on holiday

collective switching

collective switchingIn the rush to catch a flight or train for a family holiday, more than three quarters of us neglect to write holiday checklists and forget to adjust heating settings and turn electrical appliances off before going away.

As many as a quarter of us are forgetting to switch off lights in the house and unplug household appliances before jetting off.

The findings in the new study by energy company E.ON suggest many families are missing out on considerable energy savings by being wasteful and forgetful.

Check everything far in advance

E.ON is therefore advising holidaymakers to avoid a last minute rush out of the house by writing a holiday checklist and adjusting electrical appliances far in advance of departure to escape hefty energy costs.

Energy Fitness Expert at E.ON, Beverley Maguire, said: "Everybody loves a holiday but the lead up can be chaotic making it easy to forget those pre-holiday checks.

"Try and write a checklist in advance to ensure everything is covered off and you won't experience the anxious feeling that comes with the panic that you've forgotten to do something at home.

"As well as securing your home and turning off all the lights, it's important not to forget the many items we have plugged in at home that are simply draining energy and cash away. We'd urge everyone to 'switch off before they jet off' so they can make vital energy savings."

To save even more money to use on your holiday, though, there are plenty of simple ways of being more energy efficient around the home, such as by replacing light bulbs and not overfilling the kettle.

E.ON's Top Energy Fit Summer Switch-Off Tips

1. TVs, microwaves, radios and cookers all use energy when on standby, so turn everything off at the wall

2. It is not worth defrosting fridges and freezers. It actually costs more money to switch them on again than to leave them running as they were.

3. To reduce energy wastage and save money, keep the fridge on at 5°C and freezer on at to 17°C, which are the optimum temperatures recommended.

4. Completely switch off heating in the summer. Simply leaving the heating on a low setting constantly is not cheaper than just switching it on whenever you need.

5. Make sure you have not switched your hot water system on to a long winter setting if it is in the summer.