Infographic: Minimum wage for stay-at-home mums?

minimum wage stay at home mums

minimum wage stay at home mumsIf stay-at-home mums were provided a wage, what would you consider to be a fair annual salary for them?

According to MyFamilyClub’s recent survey, 30% of British parents think the role of stay-at-home mums is worth less than minimum wage.

The findings come as changes to minimum wage come into effect, which will now see adults earning £6.19 an hour.

The survey also found that just 13% of mums are proud to stay at home full time.

MyFamilyClub quizzed 2000 mums on their views on childcare, work and debt and found that despite the backlash against yummy mummy critics, a proportion of British parents believe that if the role of a stay-at-home mum was paid, the salary should be less than £10,000 a year – significantly less than the current minimum wage.

Currently 297,000 people earn less than the minimum wage, figures from the ONS reveal. Meaning stay-at-home mums would join the current 1.2 per cent of the labour market who earn less than £10,000 per year.

Commenting, Gemma Johnson, CEO of, said:

“As a mum of two I know that my role as a parent is crucial to the wellbeing and health of my children.

“And although salary isn’t the only judge of the importance of a role, it is a very strong indicator of where our values lie.

“Whether by choice or by circumstance, stay-at-home mums provide a crucial role by laying the right foundations in our children so that they can prosper and go on to play an active role in society.

“It’s only right that their contribution, along with working parents, is supported, championed and appreciated by all.”