Ministers aim to tackle rising water costs

shower water

shower waterWe all know about the problems posed by high energy bills, but for people in some regions of the UK, water costs are also at sky-high levels.

Thankfully, it seems the Government is keen to address the problem of high water bills, through the proposed creation of new powers.

The plans outlined in the Water Industry (Financial Assistance) Bill would give ministers the power to reduce regional water bills at their own discretion, which could eventually add up to significant savings for thousands of UK families.

According to environment secretary Caroline Spelman, those in the South West are particularly affected by high water bills.

Water and sewerage charges now account for more than 3% of the disposable incomes of 23% of households, Ms Spelman added.

The minister, who made her remarks during a second reading debate on the Bill, commented: "We now want to start to tackle this problem.

"The Water Industry (Financial Assistance) Bill before us today will allow us to both provide support to keep bills down now in the South West and to reduce the risk that future infrastructure developments like the Thames Tunnel super sewer raise bills disproportionately."

She added: "Clause one is a general power to enable Government to make a payment to water companies for the purposes of reducing charges payable by customers. The only circumstance where we currently envisage using this general power is in support of South West Water's customers. We believe the circumstances they face there are exceptional."

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