Ministers consider freedom to change water supplier

change water supplier

change water supplierShopping around for the best tariffs on gas and electricity is a money-saving technique we're probably all getting familiar with. But now it appears you might be able to also change water supplier in the not so distant future.

At the moment you cannot pick or change water supplier as the market is not open for competition. However, families may soon have the power to do so after Ministers recently raised the issue.

The move comes as proposals were put forward in the draft Water Bill to allow businesses and the public sector to change water supplier - something which could save the economy £2 billion in 30 years.

Water minister Richard Benyon said opening up the market would see more competitive pricing and encourage innovative ways of reducing water use.

He added: "We haven't ruled out households. We keenly believe that competition is a driver towards innovation and savings and we would want to look at that in the future."

How to cut your water bill

In the meantime, what can you do to reduce your water bill? Well, you could save up to 10% by switching to a water meter, therefore just paying for the water that you use.

Whether it's worth doing depends on your usage, but the general rule is that if you have more bedrooms than people in your house it's worth looking into.

Also, check your water usage by using the water energy calculator at the Energy Saving Trust.

It will give you a report on just how much you use along with great tips and advice.

Use less water

It sounds simple, but little things such as flushing the toilet less often and turning the taps off while you brush your teeth can save you money.

Taking a shower instead of a bath is another way to reduce how much water you use and will save you around 45 litres of water each time.

But why stop there? A water efficient showerhead could cut water used by 30%, while shaving just one minute off your daily shower could save you £10 over the course of a year.

If you still prefer a bath there's no reason why you can't save water as you go. Investing in a reduced capacity bath can save you money in the long run thanks to its cleverly shaped inside which means you need less water to fill it.

Got the taste for saving? Then why not see how you can reduce more of your household bills.