Ministers scrap ‘pre-ticked’ boxes

ticked box

ticked boxEver filled in an application form while shopping online and found a multitude of 'pre-ticked' boxes at the end?

They may be no more, thanks to new European consumer rights protections which were approved this week.

Ministers in Luxembourg gave the go ahead to proposals which remove the burden on consumers to 'untick' boxes which offer them additional services.

An example given by the European Commission was that of buying an airline ticket.

It suggested that when consumers get to the checkout, they may find that extras like car rental or travel insurance have been added to their bill, when they haven't actively opted for them.

The new rules state that those trading online must now inform the customer of the total product cost, along with any extra fees.

If a customer was not "properly informed" of extra charges before they sent their order, they will be exempt from these charges.

EU law currently states that there is a seven day cooling off period for withdrawing from a sales contract, but under the new proposals that could double to 14 days.