Missing the point of ‘getting away from it all’?

getting away from it all

getting away from it allMany of us find it tough to disconnect from our working lives in order to spend some quality time with our loved ones.

In fact, new figures from Thomson Holidays suggest that an alarming 49% of us parents are failing to even use up our entire holiday allowance each year. So what is wrong with us?!

A further one in five find it too hard to go on holiday, claiming our jobs simply wouldn't get done if we booked off our full allowance.

The need for families to spend more time together has become a political issue in recent weeks, with the Government recognising the importance of quality time on well-being and the economy.

A report from a parliamentary group recently suggested that families should increase the amount of time they are together on holiday to improve their own lives and provide the UK's financial landscape with a much-needed boost.

So maybe it's time we all start prioritising the most important things in life, balancing our work commitments with those of our families.

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