Money worries are stopping us sleeping


insomniaObvious as it sounds, sleep really does provide busy parents with the opportunity to switch off from their hectic working lives and family routines.

But while many of us try to get an early night and ensure we feel properly relaxed before going to bed, it seems certain issues are still playing on our minds and having Insomnia, preventing us from getting a full evening of shut-eye.

Research from Premier Inn suggests that financial issues are causing sleepless nights among nearly three quarters of the UK population. Cash shortfalls are playing on the minds of four in 10 of these people, preventing them from nodding off.

And financial problems are not the only issues affecting adults.

The study showed that work, health fears and romantic issues are also stopping adults from getting the sleep they need and, after a long, hard day in the office - deserve.

Claire Haigh, a spokeswoman for Premier Inn, said: ''Most of us suffer from sleepless nights at some point in our lives and it can be extremely frustrating when something is playing on your mind as it makes it hard to drop off.

"Dwelling on things at night when you are already tired can make things seem a lot worse than they are.

It is important we try and relax and switch off before bed so we get the good night's sleep we need."

Ms Haigh noted that getting away from home for the occasional night's sleep could prove beneficial.

She stated: "The research revealed that 40% of us actually have a better night's sleep when we are staying away from home as it allows us to really switch off.

"This demonstrates how important it is to occasionally get away from the stresses of everyday life, but making sure the time away from home won't break the bank."

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