Monitor online goods for best value

Dads shopping online

Dads shopping onlineWe're all aware that shopping around online can help us find a cheaper deal - and now it seems that for most of us, impulse internet buying is becoming a thing of the past.

A survey by marketing group LinkShare found that more than half of people check between two and three websites before deciding to make a purchase, with many viewing prices from more than three retailers.

And the search for a bargain doesn't stop there. More than a third of us say we even continue to monitor their product after buying it, to make sure we got the best value for money.

Most people are willing to spend "as long as it takes" to find the best deal on their shopping - proving that saving money online is chief amongst the priorities of young families and everyday consumers alike.

But the poll suggests that dads shop around more extensively than mums, with more than one in 10 men admitting to checking more than five websites before buying an item.

Men are also more likely to validate their purchase by checking the product after buying, according to the survey of 1,000 people.