More help for first-time buyers

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ladderIt's a struggle for most of us getting that first foot on the bottom rung of the property ladder.

With required deposits at a record high, many families are having to opt for the rental market for far longer than they may have planned for.

But help, it seems, could soon be at hand. The Government has introduced a scheme that could see lenders asking for just 5% deposit to buy new-build homes. This is in comparison to the typical 20% or higher currently required.

The scheme was announced just in time it seems, as new figures have shown the number of first time buyers has dropped to a three-year low.

Just 16% of homes bought last month were by families lucky enough to have been able to save enough to secure a first-time mortgage in these very difficult times.

The last time those taking their first step into the housing market represented such a small share of the market was in December 2008 when just 10% of homes sold were to first-time buyers.

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