More mums start cake-making businesses

mum baking for business

mum baking for businessHave you struggled to find work after starting a family? Mums can sometimes find it tough to secure full-time employment after giving birth as a result of austerity cuts and a lack of flexible jobs.

But it seems many parents are now taking matters into their own hands, by using their domestic skills to launch their own innovative businesses.

Research from insurance site Simply Business shows that since 2009, a 325% rise has been recorded in the number of people submitting quote requests for new cake-making businesses, with entrepreneurs keen to channel their baking skills into cash.

Parents can check out this guide to find out more about making the most of their skills if they hope to launch a new business venture.

And Simply Business has also offered people a range of tips which could help them to set up a successful cake-making firm.

It believes building a loyal customer base is vital to the success of a new company. Meanwhile, it advises entrepreneurs with baking on the brain to begin their operations on a local scale, using word of mouth methods to develop their company.

The organisation also recommends social media sites, as they can prove useful to fledgling firms by helping them to reach new customers.