Morrisons offers 15p/litre off petrol prices


morrisonsFor months, soaring fuel prices have had us wincing at the pumps, dreading what it will cost to fill up our cars.

But families may now get some relief, as Morrisons is offering an industry-beating 15 pence off a litre of petrol or diesel.

With diesel hitting a new average high last week, and oil prices reaching their highest levels since June last year, it has become increasingly pricey to get from A to B.

This causes headaches for families across the country, as it makes getting to work and school all that more expensive. Many of us are having to make serious cutbacks elsewhere, just to be able to afford to get around.

So in a bid to give a helping hand, the supermarket giant is offering the discount when you spend £60 in store. So why not stock up on all the family groceries and essentials, and then cash in on cheaper fuel?

Richard Lancaster, the Morrisons marketing director, said: "We know how tough it is for our customers. This deal will help them in these tough economic times.

"Nobody has ever knocked this much off a litre of fuel before. This will make a real difference for our customers."