MP slams plans to cut child benefit

child benefits

child benefitsChild benefit gives mums and dads vital support, and without it many would struggle. But now the Government is planning to means test it - an idea which an MP says is "absurd".

As it stands, parents receive £20.30 a week for their first child and £13.40 each for any more. This quickly adds up to significant sums.

However, ministers want to scrap the handout for parents earning over £42,725 a year. They say this would save the Government £2.5 billion a year.

Critics say the plans could hit homes where a lone parent with a good job earns £43,000, while households where two parents each earn just below the threshold might have more than £80,000 in their annual pay packets and still be eligible.

The plan has now been attacked by a Conservative backbencher, Christopher Chope, who claimed the withdrawal would punish hard-working families and abandon the "dearly and long-held principle that we should have a universal benefit for families with children".

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