M&S launches budget-brand food line

marks and spencer simply range

marks and spencer simply rangeMarks and Spencer (M&S) has this week launched a new range of food products, which aim to bring the ‘upmarket’ brand into the reach of cash-strapped families.

The 500-item ‘Simply M&S’ range includes staples like six sausage rolls  for £1.69, knocked down from £1.99, and 500g of beef mince for £2.49.

Marks and Spencer’s new budget line will compete with the value brands of other supermarkets, including Waitrose’s Essentials, Tesco’s Everyday Value and Sainsbury’s Basics. It could mean that the ‘upmarket’ M&S brand becomes more appealing to many families, who currently view the brand as a treat that only the wealthy can afford.

M&S says that hundreds of prices have been lowered and many new products added to the range, which could help towards making its prices more competitive.

The new line aims to maintain certain levels of quality that the M&S brand is associated with, such as free range eggs, fiartrade tea and coffee, and a focus on British produce.

John Dixon, Executive Director of Food at M&S, said: “M&S customers come to us for great quality food they can trust – whether shopping for special occasions or for everyday eating. We will continue to focus on delivering this through innovation and newness and also offering great value.”

But what does this mean for savings in our shopping trolleys? The Simply M&S label will offer a tin of baked beans at 41p compared to 42p at Waitrose, or 27p at Asda or Tesco.

The supermarket war doesn’t end there, as Waitrose, Asda and Sainsbury’s all follow suit with their no-frills groceries along with their on-going brand-match campaigns.

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