Mums – it’s time to get back in shape!

Mother and baby doing yoga

Mother and baby doing yogaWhen you've got school runs to get through, packed lunches to make and after-school clubs to juggle, there's not much time for us mums to take care of our bodies. Finding time to hit the gym is near-impossible, and it's quicker to snack rather than make ourselves a healthy, balanced meal.

But all that takes a toll on our bodies - and minds - and it can be hard to break the vicious cycle. So wouldn't it be great to be able to get a helping hand, without even having to leave the house?

Well the MuTu System offers just that. Through a 12-week online course featuring workouts, yoga and motivational techniques, mums can get their minds and bodies back to health - for a cost of £57.

Whether you've just given birth or your kids are off to school, MuTu is said to help you flatten your tummy, tone your pelvic floor muscles and find ways of taking a breather during that hectic schedule.

"There's a huge amount of advice out there for new mums, but the physical effects of pregnancy, childbirth and mothering - weak pelvic floor, saggy tummy, weak core muscles, backache - can go on for years, and this is what I tackle - the practicalities, hormones, emotions and pressures mums face," says creator Wendy Powell, a personal trainer and mother-of-two.

MuTu teaches you how to make time for yourself and get back into shape, she explains.

"The holistic approach is about working out, eating well and increasing self-esteem so you feel sexy, capable, strong and healthy in a world full of quick fixes and unrealistic expectations that just don't work."

For more tips on starting a new healthy regime, take a look at this guide on getting back into shape.