Mums spend 260 hours catering for fussy kids

girl eating spaghetti

girl eating spaghettiYou know the score - one of your children loves spag bol, the other hates it.

But have you ever taken the time to work out just how long you spend cooking alternative meals to keep them all happy?

Probably not, but researchers have found that on average we're spending an extra 260 hours a year, sometimes cooking as many as three different meals a night for our fussy little ones.

Sizzling Pubs announced the figures after speaking to mums up and down the country. More than 50% of those polled say that preparing different meals is a drain on their precious time.

But who is it that causes the most problems when it comes to turning up their nose at family meals? For more than a third of us it's our daughters who are more likely to demand something else to eat.

Nuala Gallagher, from Sizzling Pubs, said: "It's not hard to see why so many hours are wasted cooking as we are such a busy nation, working as hard as possible through the current economic climate and staying chained to the office much later.

"It's then not helped when children have their own tastes and won't even try what's made for them. Mums are really like chefs these days, cooking a range of meals to suit every appetite."

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