Mums spend 27,000 hours on kids!

busy mum

busy mumUs mums know all too well how we run around after our children, but a new survey shows we spend a third of our waking lives doing it, totalling 27,250 hours over a lifetime!

Every week we spend 35 hours 51 minutes doing chores - whether it's ironing the kids' clothes or cleaning the house. Shopping for our brood takes up a huge bulk of that time - in fact, we spend an average 4,155 hours 49 minutes overall. That's an awful lot of time spent pacing those supermarket aisles!

And if you feel your kitchen is treated like a cafe, with you forever making packed lunches and breakfasts, you're not wrong. We spend 2,180 hours and 52 minutes - or more than 90 days - cooking over a lifetime.

The study into the lives of 2,000 mothers was carried out by online shopping service milk&more.

Spokesman Andrew Kendall said: "Everyone knows that mums are the backbone of the family unit. But seeing just how long they spend running around after their families puts things in to perspective.

"With most mums working as well it's important that they have flexibility in their lives. Spending nearly half a year of your life just doing essential food shopping isn't exactly fun."

So mums, it's about time we got some help! Get dad pitching in more often, or call on a member of the family to lend a hand. After all,we dedicate 1,135 days of our lives solely to bringing up the children, we shouldn't forget about making time for the things we love.

"If mums got some help with just the cooking, they would have nearly four additional hours a week to spend time having fun with their children," said Mr Kendall.