Mums spend six years ironing and washing up!

washing dishes

washing dishesIf you spend most Sunday evenings working your way through a pile of ironing as tall as your toddler, you'll know all about how household chores can be a drain on your time.

But just how time-consuming can they be? A new survey from Johnsons Cleaners reckons we spend six years of our adult life cleaning, ironing and all the rest.

Almost 2,500 people were asked about how long they spend on household chores, and the findings suggest we should probably try and find a bit more time to chill out.

But when we're spending an average of two and a quarter hours on such jobs every day, how are you supposed to find the time to put your feet up with a cuppa and Coronation Street?

Well asking for help is a good way of freeing up some time for yourself. We've all heard plenty about the rise of the new man over the past decade or so, however the Johnsons poll found more traditional gender stereotypes present in many homes.

In more than half of homes it is the woman who looks after the ironing pile, the washing basket and cleaning up after dinner - perhaps it's time to get him cleaning so you can relax?

However, if you don't trust him to adhere to the rules of the washing basket, you can always look elsewhere for help. To this end, Johnsons offers services such as laundry and ironing, which could win you back some free time, for a small cost.

Paul Ogle, Johnsons Cleaners managing director, said: "Let's be honest, nobody likes to do chores around the house and our study is a stark reminder of just how much time we spend keeping our homes ship shape.

"We are proud to offer a number of different services, including laundry and ironing, which free up our customers to spend their time doing something that they will actually enjoy."

This guide outlines some of the best cleaning services around - now, where's that remote control?