Mums urged to spice things up in the kitchen

family meals

family mealsAlmost two thirds of mothers who cook for the family admit they are relying on a staple rotation of eight dishes, rather than trying their hand at something new.

Six out of 10 mums are stuck in a cycle of rustling up the same dishes for a particular day of the week - with Wednesday for example, popularly being 'Spaghetti Bolognese day' for around 20% of households.

With so many of us busy in trying to juggle work and home lives, turning to our 'go-to' meals is perfectly understandable, but Asda, which carried out the study, is reminding families that you don't have to break the bank to break the monotony.

Playing it safe

A significant amount of mums claim they revert to their day-of-the-week dishes "like clockwork".

For example Tuesday, Asda found, may as well be known as "Stews-day", with many of those surveyed admitting to cooking up a comforting hotpot or casserole style dish.

Due to its ease and convenience it seems that "Stir Fry-day" is bringing the bulk of our working weeks to a close, with most respondents admitting they would always go for this or something similarly easy when ushering in the weekend.

Despite the fact that 80% of the non-cooking spouses say they wouldn't even dream of complaining about the lack of excitement generated around meal time, as many as half of the husbands surveyed said they would love to sample a new dish.

Worryingly, a fifth confessed to being so fed up with the selection of meals on offer that they regularly sneak in a food stop on their way home from work, missing family teatime as a consequence.

The time and cost myth

One of the biggest reasons parents give for their growing lack of imagination in the kitchen is a hectic lifestyle, as well as money fears, picky kids and fear of disappointing their partners.

But for many, the answers are already right under their noses. The study found that most household kitchens have an average 14 recipe books on the shelves from celebrity chefs across the spectrum of popular cooking - yet almost half had barely been opened.

So many cookbooks nowadays are geared towards cost-efficiency and above all, time-saving. It is accepted that the average adult has less time on their hands in today's modern climate but there are still heaps of remarkable, innovative and easy dishes at which to try your hand, which won't take up your entire evening.

And once they're in your repertoire, they're in there. Another staple for the family. Why not try organising your culinary weeks using this meal planner.

A spokesman for supermarket giant Asda, which studied 2,000 British families, said: "We do know just how tough it can be for mothers to feed a hungry family and we think they do a great job already.

"While we all love a good spag bol we can understand why men might want to shake it up a bit - it really might be time to dust off those recipe books."

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