MyFamilyClub CEO to give mum-in-business masterclass

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Gemma JohnsonMyFamilyClub is offering an exclusive business masterclass for one lucky mum entrepreneur with its CEO Gemma Johnson.

The masterclass winner will be able to grill Gemma, a digital entrepreneur, on tips and pointers for their own business over lunch in an exclusive London location.

The competition is linked to MyFamilyClub’s 100 Mums campaign, which aims to promote mum-owned businesses across the UK. Any mum in business can enter for the chance to win.

Mums in business

Gemma launched the 100 Mums initiative as she’s learnt the hard way how to run your own business when you have a family. Her aim is to help working mums to get their business ideas off the ground – which is not easy with family commitments and the tough economic climate both proving a challenge.

Gemma has first-hand experience of the concerns around issues like finance, confidence, and getting a work-life balance: She set up MyFamilyClub on the back of financial difficulties during her own maternity leave. Gemma was able to secure funding from major publishing house, DC Thomson, and recently appeared on ITV’s Daybreak sharing her top money saving tips.

“In such tough economic times it’s crucial that we support all those who want to take the big leap into business, but juggling family life with work isn’t easy for anyone,” says Gemma.

“With such pressure on mums to have it all and with expensive childcare, running your own business is sometimes the only option left to mothers to survive in the workplace.

“As a mum of two myself, I was acutely aware of the unique pressures of growing a small seed of an idea into a fledging business that can actually make money. Without the support and guidance I received from mentors and friends, setting up MyFamilyClub would have been an almost impossible task. This masterclass is the perfect for way for me to share my experiences in a way that would be relevant, timely and valuable.”

The masterclass meeting will take place at the Adam Street Private Members Club in central London, which champions entrepreneurs and is a place that attracts some of the best entrepreneurs in London and the South East. For more information and for your chance to win, enter your details here