Nearly 75% of us have debt problems

debt worries

debt worriesHave you been feeling the pinch in these lean post-Christmas months?

If so you're one of many, according to a study from the Co-operative Bank which shows almost three-quarters of us have a debt headache.

But how do we define 'money worries'? Well the poll reckons that it takes more than £1,200 to get people fretting over debt.

Perhaps this is why nearly a third of us who are in debt shy away from facing the problem, according to the research.

It says that these people often brush their debt under the carpet through denial, with many constantly putting off sitting down and talking about the problem.

This is seeing an increasing amount of people saddled with debt for years, according to the study, with some even turning to gambling or high interest loans.

Robin Taylor, head of banking at The Co-operative Bank, said: "It's no surprise that people are feeling the pinch at the moment and that debts are mounting up, but what is surprising is that many people are choosing to ignore their debt.

"Our research also shows that the 'debt alarm' doesn't go off until people owe more than £1,000, which can be a real struggle to pay back.

"Managing your money with steps such as writing a list of incomings and outgoings and regularly checking your bank account will help you get on top of your finances now before problems get any worse."

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