Nearly half of shoppers stick to list

food shopping list

food shopping listSetting a weekly shopping budget can save you significant cash, and it seems nearly half of British shoppers have cottoned on to the fact.

According to the Morrisons 'M Savers' survey, 47% of shoppers say they stick to a strict pre-written shopping list each week.

Planning out supermarket spend has become a necessity for many households, as the cost of living soars above wage increases. The days of impulsive buying seem to be a thing of the past, as more of us plan out our weekly meals pound for pound.

According to the report, the average household in the UK spends 11% of its weekly expenditure on food.

Sarah Willingham, money saving expert, said: "While the average household spend of 11 per cent of outgoings a week on food may not be totally achievable for everyone, being aware of it, at least as a key figure in your expenditure, can help in planning and budgeting.

"A one-parent family with an income of less than £237 per week spends 15.6 per cent of their total expenditure on food weekly. If that expenditure was at the national average level of 11 per cent, they would save £11.18 per week.

"Setting a weekly budget and spending time writing a shopping list can really help achieve this figure."

And it seems keeping your bloke away from the supermarket aisles can help too, as the report found men are most guilty of throwing in extras! More than one in 10 men who were previously tasked with the weekly shop are now banned altogether!

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