Never forget! It’s time to ‘back up’ family photos

family using a laptop

family using a laptopBacking up the family photos stored on your computer or laptop could well be one of those niggly jobs you just never seem to find the time for.

But how upset would you be if your machine broke and you lost all those years of cherished memories? Well, there's no need for that to ever happen, because although you may imagine backing up files to be a long and boring job, it actually takes just minutes.

Misconceptions about the time it takes to complete the task have impacted upon figures showing that just a quarter of us currently back-up files stored on our computers.

A fifth of those asked by said they couldn't be bothered to sort it out!

But the study also found that for more than half of us, a lack of knowledge is stopping us protecting our files. The figures show that three quarters of us have at some point been left devastated, with computer problems leading to the losing of all our snaps and work files.

If you want to avoid becoming one of those counting the cost, why not get backing-up now? It will only take 10 minutes or so, with the right kit.

What kind of kit? Well, certain websites offer online or cloud-based storage, which allows you to keep all your photos and documents safe within the realms of the internet.

Another option is an external hard drive that you plug into your computer via the USB when you want to access the files.

Rebecca Huggler, co-founder of, said: "It can be incredibly distressing to realise that you've lost precious files from your computer, particularly if these involve work or treasured photographs.

"Most of our lives are stored on our computer in one way or another nowadays, yet computers are always at risk of losing files or crashing without explanation; taking with them your important files."

If you feel that your life is so busy you'd even have trouble finding the time to buy an external hard drive, you may benefit from a look at these tips from our time-management expert as he tells us how to save the seconds so they add up to some valuable extra time!