New high street shopping site launched for families

high street shopping site

high street shopping siteTime-pressed consumers can now do their high street shopping from the comfort of their own home, all thanks to a new website which allows access to local stores at the click of a button.

The site consists of 50 shops from Wells and Castle Cary, Somerset, and will continue across the UK, offering Brits more choice and greater value when it comes to purchases.

It allows shoppers to browse and buy the same products they would see if they visited each store in person.

The virtual high street is designed to help businesses hang on to local customers, fighting back against the soaring popularity of online shopping which has had a negative impact on many retailers.

Recent bad weather, increasing rents and rates, refuse and parking charges have also contributed to this impact.

Personalised service

Co-founder Loaye Agabani, who owns Junior Toys in Wells and is a former buyer for Marks and Spencer, said: "Whatever the weather, is open 24/7, enabling people to shop on their high street from the comfort of their own home or work.

"Every store is staffed by personable, knowledgeable shopkeepers so that customers can enjoy online the personalised service and sense of community that make our high streets great."

By avoiding a trip to the high street you might be able to save on petrol and any additional costs such as parking fees.

It also means you get more choice and good value when it comes to the products that you want to buy.

Amanda Laing, owner of Holly Lane fashion boutiques in Wells and Castle Cary, and one of the 50 stores on the website, said: "This is a great new service that works for my customers who are used to shopping online.

"Connecting local, independent shops online means that shoppers can browse their high street or buy online anytime."

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