No time for a Christmas tree?! Think again

christmas tree

christmas treeThe weeks really do fly by, particularly as it gets nearer to Christmas.

The endless whirl of shopping and socialising, fitted in around work and looking after your family, really eats into your time, right?

So perhaps it's not that surprising that one in four families in the UK are shunning the traditional Christmas tree this year.

A quarter of people responding to an Asda survey said that fairy lights will replace their tree, with many citing the rising number of hours they spend at work as well as a lack of space at home as reasons for their decision.

Around a third of people are so pushed for time and space that they aren't even going to bother with lights!

The research highlights just how busy we Brits have become, with numerous stresses on our time. Rather than not bothering with a tree - and missing seeing your kids' faces light up on Christmas morning - why not try and look at ways around it? Stretch your time with some of these time-saving tips, and free up some space with this clutter-busting toy storage guide.

And if you don't already have a tree stored up in the attic, Asda has just put its "Christmas in a box" pop-up tree on sale. It costs £30, is six foot tall and 13 inches wide (to fit into the teeniest floor spaces), and comes decorated with baubles and lights.