One in three plan to borrow this Christmas

iou piggy bank

iou piggy bankDoes your family budget always start to become over-stretched around this time of the year, as Christmas approaches and present, food and decoration costs famously begin to mount up?

Well at least it seems you're not the only one, as new research shows that just short of a third of us intend to borrow cash or use loans to pay our way to a memorable festive season for everyone at home.

A survey from YouGov and Intelligent Environments shows that 58% of those who intend to borrow money in the coming days are likely to do it by increasing their credit card spending.

Meanwhile, 39% intend to fund the festivities by becoming overdrawn and 11% hope that friends and family members will lend them some much-needed cash to tide them over.

Jerry Mulle, a director at Intelligent Environments, said: "Christmas is typically a cash-strapped time of the year but as harsher economic conditions start to bite, the number of people falling into debt or behind on their payments looks set to rise."

So what can you do to ensure your Christmas isn't remembered for all the wrong reasons in 2011? If you're feeling a little unsettled by financial difficulties, take a look at this guide to getting yourself out of debt.

The research also revealed an appetite for online banking services, with people found to be more successful at managing their finances if they received email and text updates about their account.