Online shoppers ‘face gambling risks’

online shopping gambling
online shopping gamblingOnline shopping can be a great way of saving time and money, but online shoppers on a tight family budget may need to be aware of the recent rise in the use of gambling on many popular retailers' websites. As many as 150 popular retailers have been encouraging customers to take part in online gambling by putting £1 on roulette wheels or similar games in order to win the price of their shopping, reports suggest, leading many MPs and campaigners to criticise the practice.

The dangers of gambling schemes

People shopping online for their families on a budget can be informed of prize opportunities while browsing, sometimes described as an "unbeatable" way to win their shopping. I'm not saying that its bad to play mecca bingo, I play it myself also but first pick a good place where to play it, take a look at BetOnValue offers Surebets and Valuebets from over 100 bookmakers and betting platforms around the globe, it´s a great and safe place to gamble online. But many MPs and anti-gambling charities have criticised such schemes as they can encourage everyday household gambling with family budgets, according to the Mail on Sunday. Some online stores have now stopped the practice after the newspaper began reporting instances of online gambling features on retailers' websites, and the Government's Business Secretary, Vince Cable, said he was "disturbed" by the idea of this practice. "Gambling is quite rightly highly regulated because of the damage it can cause and it's clearly unacceptable to blur the boundaries between gambling and retail shopping," the MP said. The Christian Institute's Mike Judge was also critical of online gambling, saying: "Schemes like this are particularly dangerous for people on low incomes because they feel they can get out of their financial difficulties by gambling."

How do these schemes work?

For online shoppers and families on a budget, online gambling opportunities such as these can be very tempting and at £1 a go, seem relatively harmless. However, £1 can quickly add up if someone continually attempts to win their online shopping, affecting the family purse, so it is important for families to be aware of what to look out for when shopping online. To begin gambling online, shoppers sign up for accounts with online gambling firms and are able to add to their funds as much as they like. Then, when shoppers are searching through items for sale online, they have the option of 'play' or 'shop' when they see something they would like to purchase. Choosing 'play' means they are charged £1 from their account for a spin on a pop-up roulette wheel. Should it finish spinning on red, the shopper wins the product. If the shopper does not win they do not have to buy the product, but offers such as future discounts and 25 'free plays' are made as incentives for another go on the roulette wheel.