Online shoppers face last-minute stress

stressed online shopping

stressed online shoppingIf you haven't finished buying all your family Christmas presents yet, there are still a few weeks left to organise your time and avoid the dreaded last-minute panic shopping.

With Britons set to spend more than £13.5 billion during the festive period, almost half of us will still be looking for gifts online in the final week before Christmas.

It might be tempting to buy later in order to seek out bargains and stretch your budget, but there is a real danger that retailers will not deliver much-wanted gifts in time for December 25.

Around two thirds of shoppers don't trust stores to dispatch their purchases on time, with a third saying they expect their deliveries to be late. The situation is made worse by unclear delivery information on shop websites, according to research by Eptica.

The group's Christmas 2011 Retail Experience Study found that most sites failed to give straightforward details about final ordering dates to guarantee Christmas delivery.

Shoppers were often expected to figure dates out for themselves based on standard delivery information, or even forced to call busy contact centres.

And with retailers likely to be more stretched than usual during the festive season, it all adds up to one thing: organising your time more effectively can help you avoid last-gasp panic buying and ensure everyone is smiling come Christmas Day.

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