Online time-saving is No.1 for UK shoppers

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spending time online shoppingThe rise of the internet and new technologies like smartphones has changed many aspects of our lives, particularly in terms of saving us time. Perhaps unsurprisingly shopping is high among them.

Now new research shows that us Brits are officially  more inclined to spend time shopping online than we are in physical stores.

Figures from indicate that while we spend an average 1.2 hours a week window shopping on the high street, we're actually browsing our way through the retail world for 2.4 hours on the web.

Meanwhile, amongst its other findings, the firm said that older people are actually the most keen to find good deals on the internet, with 86% of over-55s now shopping on the internet on a regular basis.

However, while many of us turn to the web for attractive money-saving bargains, the study also suggested that for big-ticket items, physical retailers are still leading the way.

It revealed that the average amount spent in physical shops stands at £126 a month. Online, the figure is slightly less at £116.

Chris Winstanley, marketing vice-president at, said: "Our research shows that Brits are still keen shoppers with people spending many hours a week shopping.

"What this research does highlight is that Brits are increasingly taking that shopping behaviour online, and it's not just young people."

If you're keen to start reaping the time-saving benefits of online shopping but are still a little bit unsure, have a look at these tips to improve your online shopping skills, and become a savvy surfer.