Only a third of us expect a pay rise

shaking hands on a pay rise

shaking hands on a pay riseEver feel like your wages just aren't going anywhere?

A poll has revealed that you're not alone, claiming a resounding two-thirds of us have gone without pay rises in recent years.

Future prospects for pay rises are also scarce, according to the uSwitch research of more than 1,000 adults - many of whom have families and crave the comfort of that slightly higher salary.

But what about you? Just a third of workers expect to get a rise this year, are you among them or the many others expecting to see the year come and go without an increase?

Where there were expectations of a pay rise, it was predicted to average just 2.1%. Bearing these figures in mind it's perhaps unsurprising that three-quarters of us have concerns about covering the cost of food shopping and utility bills.

Was your new year's resolution to spend less? If so you're joined by half of those polled. Many are also considering taking on a second job in order to supplement their incomes, something which would be quite tough with kids to look after at home.

Michael Ossei, personal finance expert at, said: "After a difficult 2011 which saw the cost of living rocket, savings rates stuck at rock bottom and pay frozen, Brits are preparing themselves for another tough year.

"While the cost of living continues to rise, pay isn't keeping up, which means that workers are seeing their disposable income drain away. Further pay freezes in 2012 could push many consumers over the edge.

"In the face of another tough year, those who plan to severely rein in their spending have hit the nail on the head - this year more than ever people will have to watch their spending and cut back where they can.

"Consumers can give themselves a pay rise by shopping around for the best deals on their household bills - which could save you over £1,800."

If you're part of this ever-growing group which feels it is entitled to more at work it could be advisable to check out this short guide to asking for a pay rise, to see if the decision is the right one at the right time.