Parenting classes: Free vouchers for discipline

parenting classes

parenting classesWe all know that bringing up children can be hard work sometimes but the launch of a new scheme means mums and dads could benefit by receiving more help with parenting classes.

The Government is on the brink of rolling out a programme which allows parents to pick up vouchers worth £100 from high street chemist Boots, in exchange for classes on the best way to raise their offspring.

It is part of the Prime Minister's strategy to teach parents to encourage their children to behave better, the Mail on Sunday reported.

The scheme, called Can Parent, comes in the wake of the summer riots last year which ministers think was caused by a "breakdown of family discipline".

It will be run by the Department of Education and the vouchers will allow mothers and fathers to purchase parenting lessons lasting up to 10 hours from independent organisations, such as the National Childcare Trust.

"We want all families to be able to easily access excellent information on parenting. We will be making an announcement about this next week," a spokeswoman said.

At first, the scheme will be tested out in Middlesbrough, Camden in north London and High Peak, Derbyshire but it could be rolled out across the country if it becomes successful.