Parents backing time-saving school dinners

school meals

school mealsAre you one of the many parents choosing to save time by signing their children up for school dinners rather than making packed lunches?

If so, you may well take comfort in the fact that school lunches are beginning to win parental approval.

In fact, the vast majority of parents (89%) are now happy with their child's school meals, according to a study by LACA and ParentPay.

The overwhelming shift in public opinion comes after more than half a decade of funding into making school meals healthier for our kids.

The research sought the opinions of more than 10,000 mums and dads on what their children were being fed every lunchtime.

But what about you? Has your awareness of what your children eat at school grown in the years since Jamie Oliver launched his crusade to improve the system? If so, you're part of an ongoing trend, according to the poll.

It revealed that children's nutrition and diet are becoming ever-bigger factors on the agendas of many parents.

This is backed up by the 96% of us who said we wanted our kids to learn about cooking in school, and the 80% who wanted to find out more about what their kids were eating at school.

Despite this research, many parents are still keen on sending off their kids with their own lunches every day. If you're a fan of packed lunches, find out to keep these within budget with this guide to value for money packed lunches.