Parents! Boost literacy skills and earning potential

woman reading in a library

woman reading in a libraryIf someone you know struggles with their reading or writing, this interesting new research could encourage them to try and boost their skills.

By improving their literacy abilities, workers can actually hope to add on almost £2,500 to their wages each year, according to a campaign.

Researchers from the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) for Galaxy Quick Reads said that a person, potentially a mum or dad with minor literacy difficulties, on a typical wage, may be able to increase their income by a hugely significant £2,334 if they were to move out of the lowest literacy proficiency category.

The extra money could provide 23 weeks' worth of food for a family of four, or could be used for two years' worth of electricity bills, according to campaigners.

Peter Andre is the face of a new campaign which was launched by Galaxy Quick Reads.

The reality TV and singing star hopes to encourage those in the UK to "fall in love with reading".

Galaxy Quick Reads' chairwoman, Dame Gail Rebuck, said: "While 12 million people struggle with reading in the UK and a third of adults don't pick up a book, today's research demonstrates just how much changing the pattern of literacy could improve the financial position of individuals."