Parents offer car journey tips

kids in the car

kids in the carIf you're planning any family days out during the half-term break, you might be thinking about how to keep the kids quiet on those long car journeys.

Research shows that parents have to halt car journeys after an average of 95 minutes to allow their children to let off steam, so finding ways to keep them occupied can help you cut plenty of time off your trip.

The old favourite Eye Spy is still the most popular in-car game, used by half of parents to keep children entertained.

Some of the other popular methods are just as simple - having a chat, playing CDs in the car, or getting kids to play games amongst themselves.

Allowing young passengers to listen to their own music through headphones or letting them play video games are also common tactics used by parents, according to a poll carried out by Post Office Car Insurance.

As many as one in 10 people admit they often get distracted by their children when driving, with parents of youngsters aged four to seven most likely to be affected.

The findings suggest that keeping kids quiet with games or in-car entertainment could help to create a safer journey for the whole family.