Parents’ savings hit the hardest


savingsAs any parent whose children are still at school will know, finances can be tough. Between the school lunches and uniforms, class trips and the everyday school run, we really have to watch our pennies.

And it has now emerged that one group of us in particular, those of us aged 35 to 44 years old, are noticing our savings hit harder than any other group.

It seems that, while us squeezed mums and dads are trying harder than ever to save, we're actually finding it harder to stash any substantial amounts of money away.

Whereas in 2010 we were able to save 31% of our annual household earnings, last year we were only able to put aside around 21% - equating to an average £9,000.

With soaring living costs and tough employment conditions, it seems we have worryingly less and less money to save.

But that doesn't mean as a nation we aren't trying - in fact, seven out of 10 Britons tried to boost their savings last year. Apparently, more of us are trying to create a safety net in case something goes wrong.

The findings came to light in HSBC's 2011 Savings Map of Britain.

If this sounds all too familiar to you - don't give up! This guide offering some simple tips on starting a savings plan could help get you back on track.