Parents spend 10 minutes per day on homework support

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homework helpThe daily grind of work, cooking and cleaning often leaves us with little free time to spend with our kids. However, the findings of recent research may prompt you to try and free up more time to help them with their studies.

The study by mytutor found that more than half of parents only manage to spend one hour a week - or fewer than 10 minutes a day - helping their kids with homework.

The study of 1,000 parents and kids aged 10 to 12 revealed that, in many cases, our own mums and dads actually spent more time helping us than we spend with our own brood.

So what's getting in our way? In two words, modern living.

The study said the never-ending cycle of work and household chores leaves us time poor.

Figures show that nearly 70% of parents said that job pressures leave them with little free time to help their children with sums and spelling in the evenings. Nearly half said that household tasks such as cooking are the biggest barrier to homework time.

On the other hand, nearly a tenth said they managed to spend at least five hours with their children on studies at home.

So, how do you go about switching from being time poor to time rich when it comes to spending time with your kids? This guide on saving an hour a day could be a good place to start or take a look at our guide to homework help that fits with your time.

Nick Smith, head of online tuition at mytutor, said: "Modern life carries an awful lot of pressures for parents, and between working, running a home and ferrying the children from one place to the next, helping with their child's learning can easily fall between the cracks.

"These statistics show that children need support to learn but parents don't always have as much time as they'd like to help them."