Part-time work ‘eluding new mums’


Part-time roles can offer useful solutions to new mums who have just returned to work following the birth of their youngster.

They can help women to balance their work commitments with their new-found childcare responsibilities.

However, research from the University of Warwick suggests that a lack of part-time employment opportunities may have posed problems for some women in recent times.

Its study, published in Work, Employment and Society, indicates that women in more senior roles often have to give up their careers or work full-time due to the fact part-time employment is elusive.

Overall, the research found that while part-time work is more likely to be adopted among lower-paid mums, more women on higher wages have to go back to full-time work.

Commenting on the study, lead author Clare Lyonette said: "We found women who were in senior positions who wanted to go back to work part-time had to downgrade jobs and work well below their abilities."

If you're lucky enough to have a part time job, use this guide to help protect your rights. You might also consider job sharing as another alternative to family-friendly work.