Petrol prices fuelling fewer supermarket trips


supermarketHauling a trolley around a bustling supermarket is difficult enough without having to keep the kids under control. Why is it they always choose these exact moments to cause mischief?

The weekly shop is a necessary nightmare for many of us - but does it really have to be that way?

According to the latest IGD ShopperVista research, a lot of people are looking to reduce the shopping trips they make to save cash on petrol amid high forecourt prices.

Now, whether this is just a convenient excuse or not is another matter, but it does raise questions about whether or not the supermarket ritual can be sidestepped for good.

The obvious way to cut down on petrol and stress is to opt for online food shopping instead.

You can stay at home and all you need is five minutes' peace to get it all done - without having to worry about the kids breaking anything in public.

Your shopping is even delivered straight to your door, but problems can arise if what you want isn't in stock and the store has to send replacements instead.

The results from the survey showed that 32% of respondents are looking to internet food shopping as a viable full-time alternative.

Meanwhile, just under half are going to stop using their current supermarket and convert to a more local one.

The poll also revealed that northern shoppers are most likely to shop less frequently (61%) as concerns over petrol prices continue to grow.

Joanne Denney-Finch, chief executive at IGD, said: "Most of us are feeling the squeeze from several directions: wages are barely increasing, if at all, while our bills continue to rise.

"A major and regular cost for motorists is refuelling their cars and they are clearly concerned about how this will impact on their finances. If petrol prices continue to rise, more people might think twice before making a journey by car."