Potential fines for term-time holidays

term time holidays

term time holidaysGovernment plans to hit parents with a £120 fine for taking their children on holiday during term-time have been slammed as ineffective.

Under the plans, headteachers will be given the power to fine parents between £50 and £60 for taking their youngsters out of primary school without a valid reason. This figure doubles if they pay to fail on time.

Those who receive child benefit payments will see the doubled fine deducted, while others may be taken to court.

Charlie Taylor, the government's adviser on educational behaviour, said: "Recouping the fines through child benefit, along with other changes to the overall system, will strengthen and simplify the system."

But headteachers have warned the move won't work, as the huge sums saved by holidaying during term-time outweigh the fine.

"It doesn't matter if it's £50, £60 or £120, raising it will not make any more of a significant deterrent," said Pete Mountstephen, a spokesman for the National Primary Headteachers Association.

"Compared to the sums of money parents are saving on holiday, £60 is silly, it won't even cover the airport tax."

Figures reveal 54 million days of school were missed last year. Just under 400,000 children missed the equivalent of a month of school.

So what are the benefits of taking your kids on a term-time holiday? And are there other solutions?